Artist Statement

Ed on Mauna Kea photographing the Transit of Venus

Ed on Mauna Kea photographing the Transit of Venus

I’ve always loved visiting the grand landscapes of the world. Nothing compares to the exhilarating feeling of being in the mountains and forests, in the desert canyons and along the seashores, experiencing firsthand the sights, sounds, smells, sun, wind, rain, flora, fauna, and even the insects that make the experience complete. Through my images, I attempt the elusive challenge of bringing some of that experience back in the two dimensional world of photography.

Careful composition, timing, and the right light are crucial to this process, but it does not end there. Painstaking attention to detail during post-processing is necessary to coax the best possible image from the raw data captured by the camera’s imperfect sensor. In the words of my greatest inspiration, Ansel Adams, “The Negative is the Score, the Print the Performance”. It was true in the days of film, and the digital equivalent is still true today. My goal is to produce a fine art print that shows how I felt when I made the image, but that remains true to the original scene.

Finally, I present my finished images on photographic paper with a metallic finish. I believe this finish adds a three dimensional, almost holographic characteristic that I find transcends the normally flat appearance of the medium.

While nature is my passion, I also enjoy urban photography. Whether shooting candids in the incomparable City of Light or scouting images on the waterfront near the office, the wilds of the big city offer challenges all their own.

Ed Leckert
Seattle, Washington
June 2012

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