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Well, it’s almost 10 PM and the temperature here in Issaquah is all the way down to 79°F. Now I know you folks sitting in your air conditioning in New Mexico are not impressed, but remember, most of us in the Pacific Northwest don’t have A/C, so if it’s been in the 90s during the day, it’s taken some effort to get the house cool enough to want to be in it. And 10 PM is about where that point is reached each evening.

So what’s my point? My point is that tonight’s article is going to be short! And sorry, but no polar bear adventures this time, either.

Recently I’ve been tweaking my website a bit, and I just wanted to quickly point out a couple of new features for those who haven’t visited in a while.

Upcoming Events Calendar

When I have a booth at art fairs and farmers markets, I’m frequently asked if I participate every week, or if I’ll be at the next event. It seems some people like my work, but aren’t ready to commit to buying a print the first time they meet me. They want to go home and think about it, and often I’ll see them at a subsequent event and they do in fact end up buying. Well, now I have a calendar on my site which I will keep up to date with a list of upcoming events. It’s listed under the Calendar tab at the top of each page. For example, in August I’ve already participated in one farmers market. Around the middle of the month I’ll be at the Artists’ Reception at the new VALA Art Center at Redmond Town Center, where two of my pieces will be hanging. (VALA stands for “Venues for Artists in the Local Area”.) That same weekend I’ll have a booth at the three day Redmond Arts Festival, also at Redmond Town Center.

Calendar screenshot

New Calendar page on website

Right Sidebar

Next I’d like to show you a few new features of the Sidebar that runs down the right side of most pages, including this one. These “widgets” are now available:

  • Search the site using keywords
  • View your Shopping Cart at a glance
  • Subscribe to my weekly newsletter via email
  • Subscribe to my weekly newsletter via RSS feed
  • License my images from Getty Images for commercial use
  • View the latest images I’ve added to the Image Gallery
  • View my most recent posts
  • See a list of my next few events

New Canvas Print Sizes

Finally, I’ve just added two new print sizes that are not listed on the cards I hand out – one at each end of the spectrum. I now offer 5″x7″ canvas prints for just $41 (plus WA tax for the locals), and a huge 32″x48″ canvas print for a mere $400 plus tax. The full list of prices is listed here.

OK, I promised I’d keep it short. Take a moment to poke around my site and check out the features if you haven’t already. And let me know if you find anything that doesn’t work the way you think it should.

Until next week, stay cool!

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