There’s Snow Time Like Christmas!

It’s Christmastime, and whether you’re expecting a white Christmas or not, this time of year always conjures up images of sleigh rides and pretty little white steepled churches with children running and playing in the snow. OK, I grew up in New Orleans, but I still saw the pretty Christmas cards every year with these quaint idyllic New England scenes on them, often enhanced with glitter to make them sparkle, so I get the concept.

Well, this year I’ll be spending Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere, so unless I get up on a mountain at just the right (or wrong) time, my chances of playing in snow are pretty slim. But that doesn’t mean I can’t leave you with some snowy images from past years in Iceland, Washington, Wyoming, and Alberta to enjoy.

So whether you’re celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah or something else this year, have a safe and happy holiday season!

Icy Stare, Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

An Icelandic Horse stares down the camera, in West Iceland.

Early Winters Creek, near Mazama, Washington

The Early Winters Creek passes under the bridge to the Klipchuck Campground, near Mazama, Washington.

Keeping Close Watch, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

A skittish coyote hoping for a handout keeps close watch on the photographer, in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

Berries Covered in Frost, Banff National Park, Alberta

Berries are covered in frost at the Moraine Lake Rockpile, Banff National Park, Alberta.

Mount Stuart in Clouds, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington

Mount Stuart is encircled in clouds as larches turn yellow for autumn, in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington.

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2 Responses to “There’s Snow Time Like Christmas!”

  1. Sue-Z says:

    Dreaming of a white Christmas. Would like the Banff berries for my holiday decor! Beautiful images.

  2. Max says:

    Great news letter Ed, it was a gift!
    Looks like you had a good year doing what your love.
    Traveling and taking pictures.