You’re Going to Love These New Prices!

I know, I know, another post about sales stuff when what you really want to hear about is more stories of how I almost got mauled by a bear. Well, bear with me, because this is a big deal. There’s plenty of time to tell more bear stories in future weeks!

So here’s the deal. As I learn more about the printmaking side of the fine art photography business, the better I get at finding ways to buy the same quality conservation materials that I’ve always used, but at lower cost. And, quite frankly, you’ve told me the prices on my largest print sizes were just a bit too, well, pricey. Therefore, effectively immediately, I’ve updated my prices to be significantly lower on my largest print sizes, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

For those who don’t know, I offer every print in my Image Gallery on two types of archival print paper. The first is a metallic photographic paper made by Kodak that gives images a look that everybody tells me looks really cool – almost 3-D! And I mat and mount these prints myself using conservation grade materials from Nielsen Bainbridge, one of the world’s leading producers of products for framing professionals and conservators. This company holds patents on some amazing technology that actually absorbs pollutants so they can’t ruin your artwork, and these features are in the products I use to protect every print I sell.

Optionally, I will frame your matted and mounted print in either a metal or wood frame. I have several styles, from formal frames you might see in a gallery to very rustic looking ones. Email me or stop by my next show if interested. And, I use only UV filtering museum grade acrylic to protect prints from damage from light sources. I use acrylic because it is lighter and more optically pure than glass, and almost impossible to break.

You can get a rough idea of what a print framed in a black frame will look like here.

Here is the updated price list (pre-tax) for metallic prints:

Metallic Print Price List

Frame Size Square Frame Size Matted Framed
8"x10" 8"x8" $32 $54
11"x14" 12"x12" $52 $100
N/A 14"x14" $70 $142
16"x20" 18"x18" $90 $173
20"x24" 24"x24" $136 $264
24"x30" 30"x30" $182 $355
30"x40" N/A $255 $447

The second type of print paper is a canvas material, textured much like a painter’s canvas, that tends to give images a more painterly look. I’ve actually had folks look at some of my canvas prints and ask if I painted them myself! In fact, at a recent art fair, a little boy wanted to argue with me about whether the image I call “Watchful”, shown below printed on canvas, was a painting or a photograph! He just couldn’t believe it wasn’t a painting!

Watchful Canvas 3D

“Watchful” printed on canvas

Here are the latest pre-tax prices for Gallery Wraps:

Canvas Gallery Wrap Price List

Print Size Square Print Size Price
5"x7" 6"x6" $41
8"x10" 10"x10" $54
11"x14" 12"x12" $81
16"x20" 16"x16" $127
20"x24" 20"x20" $182
24"x30" 24"x24" $237
30"x40" 30"x30" $310

And one more thing. If you want to see what a print looks like on your own wall at home, try it out, and if it doesn’t look perfect, I offer a one year no-questions-asked return policy. You can trade up or down or sideways or simply get your money back if you’re not thrilled at how it looks. Just let me know what you’re thinking, and I’ll help you find exactly what works for you!

OK, time to go find a bear for a future post. Wish me luck!

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